lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009


SYNOPSIS: The video most visited in Internet is that of a man flying for the city of Barcelona. Rapidly, the flying man turns into the topic of conversation of the citizens and the mass media. The mysterious flying man will be known by Prodigy-man's name and will turn into the superhero of the city. His origins go back to a worrying secret project created in 1936. Prodigy-man will discover soon that to play the role of a superhero has consequences. His girlfriend will leave it because a little time passes with her and his power will weaken in the most inopportune moment.
PRODIGY-MAN: He is a superhero and he can fly, has superforce, is invulnerable and is very fast. Also he has indicative visions of imminent dangers. One uses very much his powers these become exhausted and he needs to rest to recover them.
MARC MENKES: It is Prodigy-man's secret identity. Menkes is a writer of science - fiction who resists to the new tecnlogías. His mother has Alzheimer and his girlfriend is the journalist Laura Larson.

LAURA LARSON: She is a journalist of the channel of television UNN and the girlfriend of Marc Menkes. She knows that his boyfriend is Prodigy-man but doesn't accept that they are a little time together.

MR. SURVIVOR: He is one of the chiefs of a sinister organization, which works worldwide. Prodigy-man is an obstacle for his plans and he will decide to eliminate the superhero.


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