jueves, 21 de abril de 2011


Hello. I want to invite you to visit the exhibition: " Visions of the Alzheimer ". It is a permanent exhibition and her authoress is called Clara Gonzalez, is 76 years old and suffers Alzheimer in advanced phase. She is my mother. The first drawing that you will see here is an attempt of portrait that I did to her.I like it but I confess that mine is not the portrait. She has drawn The rest of drawings. The process begins with a drawing that I do to her of a girl with infantile style. Then she the copy and I encourage her to draw different models and versions. Sometimes I guide it a bit and I her remember that she draws the legs or the arms, which one has forgotten but the 32 original ones that you can see here are a your work. This exhibition tries to be a warning to the society and her leaders in order that they begin to preveer all the consequences of this disease that, according to the experts, people will suffer increasingly in the future. I think that the expense has to be increased dedicated to constructing more geriatric hospitals and to promoting the social helps for the people who more needs it. Now I leave a link you in order that you could visit calmly this humble exhibition.

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