lunes, 11 de abril de 2011


The most viewed video on internet is that of a man flying through the city of Barcelona. The mysterious flying man is Prodigy-man, a superhero who becomes the focus of the mass media. He can fly, is very strong, fast, powerful and he has precognitive visions that warn of impending dangers. Prodigy-man is a superhero who helps people and fighting supervillains as Mister Survivor, Doctor Abyss and Anita Apocalyptic.. Its origins go back to a disturbing secret project created in 1936. The secret identity of Prodigy-man is Marc menkes, a writer who has a mother with Alzheimer’s. Prodigy-man discover to b a superhero has consequences. First, his girlfriend, reporter Laura larson, break your realitionship whith him because they spend little time together. Then, his powers are weakened in the wrong time... Mister Survivor will destroy the city of Barcelona.

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