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THE ORIGINThe idea of the superhero Prodigy-man came in March 2008, when Xavier Cristóbal began writing the first versions of the script.Those early versions were seeking an answer to the question: "Can you imagine that a day is really a superhero?". The initial idea was to make a short-movie of 29 minutes but the project has evolved into a 80 minutes movie. In the words of Xavier Cristobal, "I guess since I saw the movie 'Superman' by Richard Donner, always wanted to do a movie with a flying superhero. " Cristobal decided to film 'Prodigy-man’ with the friends who made his debut as director, screenwriter and producer in the short movie ‘El secreto 1936' (http://elsecreto1936.blogspot.com/).

SUPEHEROES INFLUENCESCristobal defines Prodigy-man as a mix of Superman and Spider-man. At its creation have influenced superheroes comic-books Marvel and DC as Watchmen, Batman, Flash, X-Men or Captain America. Also have influenced films like 'Superman' by Richard Donner, 'Spider-man ' by Sam Raimi or 'REC' by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, and television series like 'The X-Files, ' 'Smallville' or 'Heroes'.

Cristobal would be satisfied with 'Prodigy-man', "if at the end of the film the audience has enjoyed it and spends a few seconds to think about Alzheimer's disease. " In the film, Prodigy-man's mother has Alzheimer's. In real life, Xavier Cristobal’s mother has this disease for more than ten years. When Cristobal began working on 'Prodigy-man', he and his father cared for her mother at home. They were the caretakers of reference Cristobal’s mother. When Cristobal started pre-production 'Prodigy-man', he combined his work as an animator and production assistant with the production of 'Prodigy-man' and cognitive stimulation from their mother. From 2010, Cristobal’s mother was admitted to a nursing home. Today, Cristobal’s mother is admitted to a nursing home. He and his father visit her daily. In the film's website, http://prodigy-man.blogspot.com/, there is a special section for Alzheimer's. Also, in the section on artistic collaborations, there is a Prodigy-man drawing by Cristobal’s mother.

SPECIAL GUEST-STARSThere are two moments in the film 'Prodigy-man' which we can see the appearances of some Cristobal’s friends and famous names from movies, television and comic-books. Among these celebrities are cinema and television actors, Eduardo Noriega (‘El espinazo del diablo’, ' Transsiberian'), Anthony Stewart Head ('Merlin', 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'), Javier Gutiérrez (‘Aguila roja') and Carlos Areces ('Muchachada Nui', 'Pluton Bervenero'), Queco Novell ('Polònia', 'Crakòvia'); cinema and television directors Paco Plaza ("REC"), Nacho Cerda ('The Abandoned' ) and Nicolás López ("Santos"); Oscar winners for best visual effects makeup, David Marti and Montse Ribe (" Pan's Labyrinth,' 'Hellboy II'); the director of Sitges Festival, Angel Sala; the film critic, Carlos Pumares; the cartoonists Pascual Ferry (Thor, Superman, Fantastic Four) and Diego Olmos (Batman in Barcelona); the comic-books writer Mark Waid (Flash, Kingdom Come, Captain America), and comic-books editor, Alejandro M. Viturtia.
Prodigy-man is not the only superhero’s movie. We can also see other superheroes as Sgt Eagle, General Justice and the New Musketeers of Michelle Lefebre. One member of this super team is The Secret Musketeer, one of the first superheroes created by Xavier Cristobal.

'Prodigy-man' could be defined as a film “mileurista” (thousand euros) of superheroes, filmed and produced in the free time of the different team members. That is, "is made with an estimated budget of 1,400 euros ( $ 958 ) and the energy, talent, effort and time invested my friends to the movie ... that is something that is priceless. " The film 'Prodigy-man' also has some characteristics of different ways of making movies as films Mumblecore, Slackavettes, Film and Run, dogma, digital Neorealism or Youtube Generation. As a curiosity, the filming was done in less than one hundred hours, divided in the summers of 2008, 2009 and 2010. "On two occasions, we filmed about 100 scenes in less than five hours. Marathon sessions were intense, which spent a lot of heat but we had fun. "

When Xavier Cristobal spoke with Juan Miguel Lozano, the actor who plays Prodigy-man, the first thing he said him was that he would not have to wear "no tights, no mask, no cape and no underwear on the outside of the suit." The purpose of the suit was to get an urban suit that doesn’t look like a carnival costume. Cristobal has designed some sketches for a possible suit and then went shopping some days. The final suit was formed with the different pieces of clothing that inspired Cristobal to design the final costume. Lozano was tested some suits and worked in three photo shoots to give the final costume.

A PARALLEL AND MULTI-MEDIA ADVENTUREWhile Xavier Cristobal was filming the film 'Prodigy-man', he began working on the website of the film, http://prodigy-man.blogspot.com/. This work became a great adventure where Cristobal developed a transmedia narrative for Prodigy-man. On the website we can find a novel mobile and a twitter novel, comic-books online, stories for children, manga style postcards, T-shirts, and proposals on how to make a possible animated series, a possible video game or some possible action figures of Prodigy-man.

A POST-PRODUCTION INTERRUPTED BY INTENSEEditing the film was developed over the years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Different circumstances lengthened the post-production process. As a curiosity, an editing session used to have a maximum of five hours and the rhythm of issue was one afternoon a week. The objective has always been edited four days a month but some months only came to work one afternoon or none. "Although the work at Prodigy-man has been discontinued, the rhythm has always been constant and intense ... We're working on it. "

LAST NOTES"At the time of writing these words, we have a final cut 80 minutes. We cut about ten minutes of footage. We are also working in parallel 3D scenes, scenes with effects and the soundtrack. Will we finish the movie this year? ... Fingers crossed ... To be continued. "

Xavier Cristóbal was born on February, four, 1970. He graduated in Sciences of the Communication for the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has dealed different courses of infografía, script, accomplishment of cinema and television, cómics and graphical design and of web pages. He was employed six months at the area of accomplishment of the Telenotícies Migdia of TV3, Televisió de Catalunya.
Nowadays He is employed at the producer Cromosoma, S.A. and at the magazines Quèfem and TVManía of the journal La Vanguardia, where publishes articles of cinema, games, internet and cinema.

In the producer Cromosoma, S.A. He has touched almost all the aspects of the production of series of animation 2D and 3D. He has been employed at the series of
"The triplets" and its spin-offs: " The boring witch " and "Las mellizas bebés", "Lila" and "Asha". Also he has done it in "Tom", "Juanito Jones", "Miniman", some pilots and some advertising spots. He is currently working on the film 'Arrugas' , based on a comic-book by Paco Roca about Alzheimer's that was awarded in the Barcelona Comic Con.

In the area of Alzheimer's, Xavier Cristobal has completed courses of specialized caretaker for people with Alzheimer's and director geriatric centers.

Blogger man from 2006 with the blog about movies, television, comics books and videogames, http://1936visiones.blogspot.com/ .

The short film " The secret 1936 " is his début in the direction and production of short movies. "Prodigy-man" is his first movie with actors as director and producer. Xavier Cristóbal's page is http://xaviercristobal.blogspot.com/


GENRES: Action, adventures, drama
BUDGET: $ 958 (estimated)
RUNTIME: 70 - 80 min (estimated)
OFFICIAL SITE: http://prodigy-man.blogspot.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=94823050381
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/prodigy_man
REALEASE DATE: Fall 2011 / Winter 2011-2012
FILMING LOCATIONS: Barcelona (Spain)
Summer 2008, 2009 and 2010
PRODUCTION DATES: March 2008 – Summer-Fall 2011


Xavier Cristóbal ( http://xaviercristobal.blogspot.com/ )
Juan Miguel Lozano (Prodigy-man / Marc Menkes)
Elisabet Oms (Laura Larson)
Enric Comas (Mr. Superviviente)
Laia Salvador (Anita Apocalíptica)
Eva Bayona (Doctora Ribalta)
Vitorio Carmona (Miguel Farraldo)
Carles Socías (Mr. Superviviente niño)
Marc Socías (Hermano de Mr. Superviviente)
Monique Tremoleda (Comisario Campoy)
Jose Luís Navalón (Agente CNI 1)
Mariano García (Agente CNI 2)
Albert Val (Científico 1)
Ana Escartín (Mujer embarazada)
Pablo Espinar (Científico 2)
Xavier Cristóbal (Frank Farraldo /Mosquetero Secreto)
Carol Álvarez (MIchèlle Lefebre)
Lourdes Campuzano (voz en off)
Albert Rodríguez (voz en off)

Eduardo Noriega
Anthony Stewart Head
David Martí
Montse Ribé
Angel Sala
Paco Plaza
Nicolás López
Javier Gutiérrez
Carlos Pumares
Nacho Cerdà
Carlos Areces
Queco (Francesc) Novell
Mark Waid
Pascual Ferry
Diego Olmos
Alejandro M. Viturtia

Santiago Porras
Vicente Ruiz
Elisabet Puig
Lourdes Pérez
Laura Ribes
Laia Tomasa
Ricard Cànovas
Laura Ribes
Xavi Socias
Mireia Hernández ( http://mireiaha.blogspot.com/ )
Mireia Serra
Jordi Corbella
Marc Portell ( http://marcportell.blogspot.com/ )
Izaskun Arsuaga
Alberto Alcelay
Javier Ferra
Miquel Creus
Carlos Flete
Javier De Manuel ( http://javierdemanuel.blogspot.com/ )
Lluis Casals ( http://www.lluiscasals.net/ )
Las ladronas de 'Cálico electrónico'
Vanesa Carrera
Marta Tudela
Sergio Mas
Ángel Carmona
Sergi González
Sandra Salvador ( http://sunsmallthings.blogspot.com/ )
Dani Moreno ( http://www.chaparraentertainment.com/ )
Blanca Berdejo ( http://blancaberdejo.blogspot.com/ )
Mariano de la Torre ( http://www.marianodelatorre.com/marianodelatorre.com_2.0/Home.html )
Toni Santamaría
Scarlett Deucic
Francesco Carrella
Elisabet Moreno ( http://bullali.blogspot.com/ )
Emilio Ramón Pérez
Rosario Cristóbal
Francesc De La Cruz
Esteban Cristóbal
Clara González
Lourdes De La Cruz

Esteban Cristóbal
Clara González
Sergio Bleda ( http://trazolineamancha.blogspot.com/)
Toni Santamaría ( http://antoniosantamaria.blogspot.com/)
Xavi Socias ( http://maniklimbers.blogspot.com/)
Jordi Corbella ( http://ilustracionesjordi.blogspot.com/)
Mireia Corbella
Ernest Agulló ( http://ernestagullo.blogspot.com/)
María Ivanova
Karmele Fabo
Nuria Navarro (http://laboratoridees.blogspot.com/)
Baltasar Pedrosa (http://baltasarpedrosa.blogspot.com/)
Rosario Cristóbal
Lourdes Català
Mark Waid
Javier Galán (http://galanrico.blogspot.com/)
Gabriel Medina (http://briel-blog.blogspot.com/)
Albert Rodríguez (http://www.prodarm.com/)
David Cubero
Jordi Valbuena
Oriol Almirall
Yolanda Salvador

Carles Climent
CANCION 1: Letra, voz y música: El Increíble Hombre Menguante
CANCION 2:: Laia Salvador
Letra: Xavier Cristóbal (http://xaviercristobal.blogspot.com/ )
Voz y música: Lord of the Songs.

EDITING BY: Albert Rodríguez (http://www.prodarm.com/)

Albert Val (www.arikoa.com )
Carlos Alejandro

Albert Rodríguez (http://www.prodarm.com/)
Albert Val (http://www.arikoa.com/ )
Carlos Alejandro
Xavier Cristóbal (http://xaviercristobal.blogspot.com/)

COSTUME DESIGN, SET DECORATION AND ART DIRECTION: Xavier Cristóbal (http://xaviercristobal.blogspot.com/ )

Pablo Espinar
Albert Rodríguez (http://www.prodarm.com/)

Pablo Espinar
Xavier Cristóbal (http://xaviercristobal.blogspot.com/ )

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